The Legacy is a narrow limbed, deep core bow with a small amount of reflex/deflex.  The Legacy has four working laminations and is available in 64” and 66”. The Legacy comes with a locator grip. This bow will surprise you with it's smooth draw, lack of handshock and performance.

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The Stealth is our R/D   longbow. It is available in 62” and 64”.  The Steath has a contoured grip that ensures positive hand placement to help eliminate torquing of the grip. The Stealth was our first model and the most common feedback on this model is that it has virtually no detectable handshock.



The Vanguard is our hybrid model.  It is available in 58”.  The  Vanguard shows no stacking to 31”, is quiet and absolutely dead in the hand upon release. The Vanguard's grip comes with a medium high wrist making it the perfect bow for those transitioning from a recurve or for those who wish to shoot both without a substantial change in their grip.